Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Orville's Eloquent Eulogy

From left, Orville Hunter, Reverend Midge Cole Anthony, Norma Shultz, and Charles Shultz.
'Uncle' Orville Hunter, nephew of Barbara, (pictured at the service with Reverend Midge Cole Anthony and Grandma's grandson Charlie and wife Norma) delivered this beautiful eulogy for Grandma:

I remember Grandma Barbara since way back in the 1930’s. In those days, our families lived within a short distance from each other in Los Angeles, in what is now known as “South Central LA.

I have many happy memories visiting with “aunt” Barbara and her future in-laws, and the celebrations of the coming marriage between Barbara and Irving – the parents of Steve and Tony Shultz. I was on many occasions, after the age of 10, the designated “older companion” of Steve and Tony as tots (Never a baby-sitter).

All mothers want success for their sons. Tony Shultz, became a Doctor of Journalism (A Phd) and the father of Mike, Ducie, Charlie, Steve, and Krista, Barbara’s five grandchildren. She was delighted that Frieda was her daughter-in-law that made her family complete. Barbara looked after her children and grandchildren long into their mature years with advice and care and sage advice, as always.

Barbara was brilliant and unique in her own way – an insight that few have ever equaled. Fortunately, that intelligence passed along to her sons and her grandchildren.

Being a single Mom for many years, she raised her two boys literally by her wits. I remember her as a close friend of my own mother and aunt who were into all kinds of people-adaptable subjects like astrology, tarot cards and mind-enlightening subjects. Some would call it new age philosophy today.

One of Barbara’s brief professions was playing a Gypsy fortuneteller with a local carnival company. She told fortunes and gave advice to those who needed it most. She found, after a while, to apply good psychology and advice, which was self-taught. Then Tarot cards became a mere prop. Many of her “Clients and Customers” alike regularly took her advice seriously and prospered spiritually in their lives. This was all done before Dr. Phil was even born.

Her sharp mind brought many other things into her home with her sons. Barbara had a talent for games, contests, and prizes. I wondered where she acquired many of the household items, like stoves and refrigerators and furniture on her modest income. We discovered she was a constant contest winner. Another source of income was her writing – she did children’s books with great zeal.

Barbara lost both her sons in their adult years as fathers of her grandchildren. In her later years, she met Tom who has been the ultimate companion of her life. Tom had the privilege of living with a lady who will never be forgotten.

All of us who have been touched by Grandma Barbara’s life are truly blessed forever.